Top features: – Play with depth of field with the bright f/2.8-4 lens – Crisp images with low noise thanks to the large MOS sensor – Enjoy all the finer details with 4K photo and video – Greater control with the vari-angle touchscreen Play with depth of fieldWhen you’re on a day trip, at an event, or travelling, you want a camera that does it all. The Panasonic Lumix DC-FZ1000 II High Performance Bridge Camera has a bright f/2.8-4.0 lens that offers brilliant sharpness throughout the zoom range – perfect when you don’t have much light to play with. Capture the atmosphere of a dimly-lit cathedral, or the stillness of the city at dawn.For portraits, you’ll be able to play with depth of field to create beautifully blurred backgrounds that really flatter your subjects. And with a 400 mm telephoto zoom you’ll be able to get close-up shots of faraway subjects – perfect for nature photography.Crisp images with low noiseEven when you’re bumping up the ISO, your images will be crisp and clear with minimal noise (that unsightly grain you get on darker images). It’s all thanks to the highly sensitive 1″ MOS sensor – because of its large size, it can process plenty of light, so you get more control over your exposures.There’s a huge amount of exposure modes and effects to get creative and experiment with too, so you can find the optimum settings for every subject and setting. You can adjust the light composition, sequence composition and much more to make your photos completely your own.Enjoy all the finer detailsWith 4K Ultra HD video, your footage will really come to life. Offering four times the pixel count of Full HD, you’ll see all the finer details and nuances in each frame, as well as be able to enjoy deeper more vibrant colour and subtle shade differences.Want to catch a photo of that bird in flight? Grab stills straight from your 4K videos and pick your favourites. There’s three different 4K photo modes, including one which lets you layer single frames to make a unique composition.Greater controlWith a 3″ vari-angle touchscreen, you’ll have complete control over your settings, and can pick your focus point right on the display. You can also frame your shots using the viewfinder – it has a live view so you’ll see what your exposure will look like.There’s also a Focus Stacking function that lets you combine similar images with different focus distances in order to get the perfect range in your photo. That means you can capture the shimmer of the sea and the detail of the horizon in the same frame.

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